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May 04, 2016


Perfectly Prenatal - Feeling Confident

You are glowing.  You are growing.  Your body is changing daily and even though you may be a little swollen, and definitely are exhausted, you are still you.  If this is your first child the anticipation is building and you know your life will change forever.  If this is yet another addition to the family, you know what you are wading deeper into.  Motherhood brings so much to your life and your relationship.  During the eager times preparing for this new life, it is very important to be good to yourself and the relationships in your life.  Consider pampering yourself with a few solutions during maternity. 

Wait, lingerie while pregnant?  That is how I got into this mess to begin with!  I would never wear it again and would look ridiculous.  Consider an alternate perspective – this body is temporary and cannot get any more pregnant.  Live it up and enjoy the larger aspects of yourself.  You are doing something miraculous that men and many women are unable to do.  You will look and feel very different, to you and your partner.  You will have to try new positions based on fatigue, form and physics.  Have fun with it! 


Focus on how to feel your best.  Confident, comfortable, and engaged with your partner, who might be lost in the background with all the attention focused on you and the miracle you are carrying.   Prenatal solutions easily translate into postnatal solutions.  The body does need time to heal, and also needs time to come back into your former self. 

Prenatal solutions, particularly empire waist, shear playful boyshorts and stretch sheer fabrics easily translate into postnatal solutions once you are ready and awake enough to steal away moments of intimacy with your partner.   You are a mother, and you are still the sexy, confident, randy former self.  Mind over matter - embrace the person within the drastically expanding form or the form working to come back in line – just not fast enough.  Select the attributes that are growing in all the right ways – accentuate the new fullness in your bottom or breasts, shear fabrics that play on more sensitive areas, and don’t try to hide the beautiful belly, embrace it.  Your cup size may change two or three sizes, as will the circumference of your rib cage, so chose fabrics that give in these places.

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Sexy Maternity

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May 04, 2016


Demand More of Your Maternity and Nursing Solutions

When choosing maternity solutions,  it is important to carefully consider and evaluate prenatal through postnatal.   You will be putting more strain on your back, neck and shoulders once your little one comes into the world, so it is important that you have a properly fitting and supportive bra. 

The first thing to consider is milk production.  Whether or not you plan on breastfeeding, your body will produce milk, and initially it will overproduce until it understands and adjust to the demands of the child.  This can mean a dramatic increase in the firmness and size of your breasts and nipples.  You need to be cognizant that you are increased risk for yeast infections at the breast tissue due to the now damp environment.  You may want to consider bras with lined cups to hide the disposable or cotton breast pads that are excellent in helping with masking leaking breast milk and pronounced nipples from breastfeeding.  


  If you plan on breastfeeding, you may want to steer away from underwire until you have an established milk supply. The Cake Maternity Rock Candy Seamless bra  or the Cotton Candy Luxury Seamless Maternity/Nursing Bra may be perfect for you.  Underwire can compress and restrict the glands that produce milk, and can also be very uncomfortable if you develop mastitis, which is an infection of the glands.  The glands extend all the way around your breast even up into the armpit, so bras with high side gore may not be comfortable.  If you like the support of underwire, consider wearing the nursing bras prior to delivery so allow them to form to your unique shape.  Evaluate the ease of access of the nursing bras. Some have clips that all the cup to drop from the shoulder strap down to expose the nipple. 


These are the most common.  A stiff cup must be folded under or back to keep it out of the baby’s face.   If you plan on pumping, a stiffer cup is nice to help hold the shield in the proper place, too stiff can push it out of position causing it to lose suction or leak.  Nursing bras like our Mama Mia bra  and Sexy Mama Bra are good solutions. They both allow for movement are supportive and  breathable.  Night nursing bras may also be something to consider as some women find that they leak less breast milk if there is a little compression on the nipple.  Slip on wide banded nursing bras, bras that lift up from the bottom to expose the breasts and cross wrap nursing bras are popular models.  These are nice for those who like a very loose or highly adjustable band.  Pay attention if the internal liners are sown in place on the nursing bras.  Nothing is more annoying when you are sleep deprived than trying to fish out and reorient those pesky little triangles.  Note that nursing mothers and those who are trying to dry up their milk supply will likely leak through multiple bras, perhaps even in a day, so be sure you have more than three bras so you can have two for the day and one drying. 

Cake Maternity

As hips, thighs, and bottoms expand during pregnancy, stretch lace sided thongs and briefs are a great buy for pre and postnatal.  Do not forget full bottom and boyshort options for immediately after delivery to allow accommodation for a panty liner or pad. 

Those who have a C-section will want to make sure you have a lower or v-in front panty to avoid irritating the incision, or a very high waist panty.  This is also a great time to look at some of the lower compression shapewear. You may be anxious to get back into your favorite clothes.  Shapewear such as cinchers and high waist panties and bodysuits can help beat any postpartum body blues or wardrobe crisis during that awkward in between sizes stage. 

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Perfectly Prenatal - Feeling Confident

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May 01, 2016


Thank You for Another Successful Year!

We celebrate two things every year starting May 1st. It's our Anniversary and it's also National Small Business week from May 1st-May 7th.

This has truly been a journey. We want to take the time to thank all of our past, present, and future customers. We started our business with intentions to make a difference in our community. Our community is primarily professional women, women of color, and those women that are under serviced by the lingerie industry. For too long, our needs have been ignored. We want to educate and empower our community. We want you to look and feel your best. This includes your undergarments. That shouldn't be overlooked or ignored. You have options and we hope that you will consider shopping with us for all of your foundation needs. 

The lingerie industry has historically been led by men. That in itself is problematic. There is a gap in what men think we need and want and what we really need and want. That’s the case in every other aspect of life. Why would lingerie be different? We've been sold solutions intended for super models. This not an attack on super models but we've been paying premium prices for garments that were never intended for active women with full cups, large bands, or nursing babies. The undergarments we buy are marketed to be sexy but not to be functional. We are all for sexy. Sexy is great. We love sexy but I need not fall out of my bra in the middle of a meeting with clients. There is a time and a place. We all have different needs and differing fashion sense; however, we've been sold the same solutions for many years. There is a running joke that you can always find the large cup section in department stores. You'll know it when you see it. It's the section of unflattering styles in 'nude', white and black. That's where we come in!

We market our solutions for clients that want quality underpinnings without sacrificing their sense of style. Let us help you find the best solution. 

Thank you for continuing to support our mission. It's our anniversary and we could not have reached this milestone without great customers.



Mademoiselle Lolita


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April 18, 2016

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Non-Basic Basics for Spring

Hi everybody!  Today’s post will be focused on two beautiful sets that make me think of Spring and warmer weather. Light colors and sheer fabrics are my favorite at this time of the year and I have to say that the Blondie/Black Claudette Dessous and the Tutti Rouge Nichole in Creme/Noir caught my eye the first time I saw them.

Claudette and Tutti Rouge are two brands known for their colorful collections so these two sets are certainly lovely exceptions.

1.) Claudette Dessous in Blondie and Black

I am a big fan of the Dessous range. I have seen the shape of the bras change through the seasons but I love them all. The Blondie/Black colorway is from the A/W15 collection. Dessous very sheer and that adds an undeniable touch of sexiness. The full-cup gives a natural but rounded shape and what I love most with Dessous bras is their lightness. While the mesh is thin and lightweight the cup is still supportive and comfy. That’s what makes it one of my favorite everyday bras. Some can find the band a bit loose because of the stretch fabric but it is not the case for me. In fact, I love this fabric. It makes the bra very nice to wear. I wear a 30G in this range (note that I’m a 30GG in most of the brands) and I guess I can size down because my breast are not very full on top. If you are, your regular size would be a better option..

The coordinates: I personally own both thongs and bikini briefs from the Dessous range. Both are low rise and very flattering but I prefer the bikini briefs, as they are very comfy and pretty cute. The back side is ruched and very sheer while the front side is a little thicker or semi-sheer I LOVE sheerness! I usually find the bottoms of the Dessous sets run a tad small so I size up to a Medium. Again that depends on your bodyshape. However, when you wear the right size, they are terribly cute and I can’t help buying the entire sets. I love the finishes of the Dessous sets. In my opinion, “Less is more” could be a nice catchphrase for this particular colorway.

2) Tutti Rouge Nichole in Creme/Noir


What I love with Tutti Rouge is their wide size range. This brand provides girly designs from 28D to 38HH. The Nichole is the first style I bought from them and the shape it gives to my breasts, the fact it goes so well under clothes makes it an essential in my wardrobe. This three-part balconette provides such good support and an incredibly round shape! Even if it can look quite simple at first sight, the girly details of this bra increase its femininity! The contrast between the black lace and trimmed underwires and the creme mesh is wonderfully pretty! Details can really change my opinion about a lingerie set! 

The cup of this bra is quite deep, so if you are in between size and full on bottom you could try to the smaller size. The band is very comfortable and wide, featuring three sets of hooks and eyes.This colorway is a little less transparent than the Dessous in Blondie/black but it still has the little sheerness that I love so much.

One thing to note with this bra is the central gore that tacks a bit hardly against my thorax. After I wore it very often this issue became less problematic as the bra finally adapted to my body.

The coordinate : the Nichole Brazilian is really adorable and the backside is made to avoid visible panty lines ( VPL) but I have to say that you may need to size up in this particular style. I have only tried the Brazilian (the short is another option) but the lace used in this set isn’t stretch and the elastic is tighter than those of the other ranges I have tried from this brand. This set is available in a lot of colors but my favorite are this one and the Black/Sugar colorway!

Are you tempted to try these styles? Do you like simple sheer bras or do you prefer prints and light padding?


Comicsgirlsneedbras is 22years old lingerie lover and biomedical student. She believes lingerie is one of the best cures for lack of self-confidence and body acceptance. She blogs about her daily lingerie crushes and the way she deals with them as a full-time student.                                       

Images courtesy of Tutti Rouge and Claudette

March 21, 2016

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Bra shopping: A Well-fitting Bra is Priceless

Guest Blog Series: @comicsgirlsneedbras

From an early age, bra shopping for me was a nightmare. I was introduced to the full-bust lingerie world at the age of 14. I had many bras but none of them made me feel comfortable in my body or fit correctly. Once I was professionally measured, my mom and I discovered that I had 32F breasts. However, the price of bras for my fuller size cup scared me. I was used to shopping for lingerie in stores that only provided A to DD cup bras with average prices of about $30. When my mother finally found a boutique that carried larger sizes it was certainly one of the most wonderful days of my teen life. I do recall the bras being much more expensive and I felt guilty. I felt as if my body was a criminal demanding ransom, and that my mother was being forced to pay three times more than what she would have paid if I were “normal.” I will never forget what she told me that day. She said, “A well-fitting bra is one of the only things a woman should never consider as a bad investment.” I have to say that this simple statement changed my life. I recall that it was a simple bra, nothing fancy, but for the first time I was wearing something that made me feel secure, something that fit properly. That was and still is priceless!

Prior to discovering there were bras that fit properly, I had purchased a lot of cheap bras. Poor quality products may be affordable when you look at the tag but they will cost you more in the long run. A bad quality bra will let you down literally. It will lose its shape, the ability to provide the needed support, and ultimately become uncomfortable.
Here’s a list of things I experienced with cheaply made bras:

  • It most likely doesn’t have features that provide support and comfort.
  • The band can stretch out very fast. If the band is not providing support, the bra will rise up in the back and fall down in the front. (The entire purpose of a bra is to lift in the front.)
  • The straps can cause pressure on your shoulders.
  • The shape of the cup can change progressively because of the weight of your breast. Most of us large busted women need coverage and support.
  • The wires can ultimately pop out after a few wears and washes.

Because of these issues, I used to buy a lot of bras. None of them lasted long and I was essentially throwing my money away. It was depressing and I really didn’t know there was an alternative.

A bra is not something natural but it is an undergarment created to make your life easier by providing shape, support, and coverage. When your lingerie becomes an obstacle, it could have a negative impact on your confidence and body acceptance.

I am convinced it is better to own only 2 well-fitting and great quality bras rather than 20 poor quality and ill-fitting bras.  Also, when cared for properly, quality lingerie keeps its shape, support and appearance for a longer time.

You deserve to feel confident, comfortable, and happy when you look at your body. In my opinion, a well-fitting bra can really help you to look and feel better in whatever you choose to wear. That my friends is priceless.


We want to hear from you. Tell us your stories.


January 04, 2016


Sexy Maternity!

Mademoiselle Lolita wants to introduce you to a growing movement of Sexy Maternity and Nursing alternatives. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are beautiful and you should feel beautiful while you’re pregnant and nursing. Each and every pregnancy is a personal celebration of life. Motherhood introduces so many changes into our lives, not to mention our bodies. The ability to find sexy, affordable underpinnings should not be compromised during this momentous time in your life. Historically, there have not been a lot of options for stylish mothers-to-be. Most maternity and nursing bras have been utilitarian and somewhat unflattering. We often hear complaints about limited color options, dated designs, and bras that are not functional or comfortable.


Today’s nursing bras are not the ones our moms wore. We are living in the post Kim K and Coco pregnancy era. Sexy maternity fashion is all the rage. We can’t imagine Coco in white cotton maternity panties. She wouldn’t have it and neither should you (unless you really like white cotton panties). There are options. Today’s maternity and nursing solutions are designed for a progressive woman with a busy schedule. She's working. She’s exercising. She’s active and on the move. Affordability, comfort, fashion, and function are the equal components for busy moms. This blog focuses on how to identify undergarments that you’ll love and feel comfortable in while you’re pregnant and breastfeeding.


Transitioning to Maternity and Nursing

For most moms to be, changes in your breasts become noticeable in the first trimester of pregnancy. A good rule of thumb is to start buying maternity bras that can transition into nursing bras once you’ve outgrown non-maternity jeans.

  • Milk-producing glands extend all the way back to your rib cage and into your armpit. An ill-fitting underwire can obstruct the milk ducts and be extremely uncomfortable.
  • Get measured by a professional fitter as soon as your current bras begin to feel tight or uncomfortable. Chances are you weren’t wearing the correct size or the right bra for your body type before you became pregnant.
  • On average, you can expect to gain 1 to 3 cups sizes during the course of your pregnancy. You’ll want to make sure you’re buying garments that can easily transition from maternity to nursing if you're planning to breastfeed.
  • Look for bras without structured cups with give in the fabric, like our Rock Candy or Cotton Candy Nursing Bras. Bra extenders can prolong the life of your non-maternity bras as your ribcage expands. They should be used as a temporary solution.
  • Maternity/Nursing bras with at least 4 hook-and-eye fastenings, like our Mama Mia Nursing bra provide extra comfort as your belly and ribcage expand. You’ll be able to adjust the band to your comfort level. The band should feel comfortable on the first couple of hooks.
  • We know that finding an affordable bra is important. Look for quality fabrics that are breathable and supportive. Your breasts might be highly sensitive and you’ll want to consider comfort.
  • As your body is changing, your hormones can often affect your libido and mood. Look for styles that express your personal taste. You don’t have to compromise if fashion is important to you just because you are pregnant.

    Breastfeeding and Easy Access

    A good time to start the process of finding a good supportive nursing bra is while on maternity leave. You’ll want to look for supportive cups that will allow you to open and close with one hand while holding a sizable baby and breastfeeding or while pumping at the office or away from home.

    • If you plan on breastfeeding, buy bras that will transition easily into nursing your little bundle of joy. Remember your breasts will be the heaviest and fullest a few days after you give birth.
    • Make sure you have room for nursing pads, nursing pad liners, and the normal expansion of your breast during the course of the day as you produce milk.
    • If you’re carrying the baby high, you may want to look for bras without underwires to prevent unwanted pressure. In most cases, bras without underwires are not as supportive as those with wires. You’ll have to determine which is best for you. We recommend having at least one of each.
    • If you are on the busty side or if you like an underwire, make sure you look for flexible underwires that will contour to your changing body. If you do choose an underwire bra, be very particular about the fit. You may want to consider our Cake Lingerie Flexible Wire Nursing Bra.
    • Will you be nursing? Will you use a pump? Ask yourself realistic questions so that you are not wasting money or time purchasing garments you won't use or need.

      Non-Maternity Options during Pregnancy

      You’ll be happy to know there are many sexy non-maternity lingerie options that will work great while you're pregnant. In fact, we like mixing maternity with non-maternity lingerie solutions.

      As you progress through the 1st to 2nd trimester of your pregnancy, you’ll discover that you will have different needs. Camisoles can be supportive and super cute. This Tia Lyn Lace Core Camisole  and bralet with stretch lace are perfect for the first 2 trimesters. Both can be layered or worn separately. Matching panties are sold separately.

      Mademoiselle Lolita Services

      Don’t forget Mademoiselle Lolita offers one on one consultations with our clients. If you’re expecting, you have a lot on your mind. Finding quality undergarments doesn’t have to be overwhelming or a chore. Let us help. Schedule an appointment online.



      December 17, 2015

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      Shapewear to go Under Every New Year’s Eve or Holiday Outfit!

      Finding the perfect sparkly dress for New Year’s Eve is the easy part. Finding the right lingerie to go under it can be hard! Party dresses usually come with some lingerie challenges: plunging necklines, clinging fabrics or strapless designs. Today I’m going to show you some items to make your holiday look seamless, no matter what you’ve chosen to wear. 


      The Basics: Smoothing

      If you’re looking to get a smoothing effect rather than a shaping effect, we have some great shapewear basics that work equally well under a party dress or under your favorite suit pants at work. This Flirty Dot Shaping Thong is fashionable, high waisted and looks great under anything. If you need a basic strapless, you can’t go wrong with this Alison Convertible Bra. It will work under your party dress, but also under halter necks in the summer and cross back tops. We also carry great thigh slimming products, like our Lace Miracle Thigh Slimmer. These shorts are great when you just need some extra smoothing over your thighs and butt. 


      Level Two: Smoothing and Full Body Shaping

      If you need something with more hold to go under a clingy dress, try our Slenderizing Shaping Slip. It’s great for shaping your whole body at once, but can be worn with your favorite bra. It also has a slightly vintage look, which makes it pretty and practical. For variation, try our Sensual Slimming Camisole. It has pretty lace details and great smoothing power. 


          Level Three: Operation Slim

          If you want serious shaping or want to take off a few inches to make that dress a bit more comfortable, this is the level of shapewear you want to look at. Start with either our Katia Lace Bodysuit or our Zoe Cincher. These are both made from materials like cotton, rubber and latex but don’t be fooled - they provide shaping almost equal to that of a corset. In the right size, these pieces can take 2 to 3 inches off your waist. 

          And finally, if you just can’t find a bra that works under your dress, try our Breast Petal nipple concealers. These are great under thin camisoles or blouses as well, but they work well under party and club outfits as well. 

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